Fast Toilet Repair & Installation

Repairing a toilet that’s leaking or constantly running seems like a simple job, but it’s often more complicated than it looks. If you’re in need of toilet repair, it pays to get a professional to your home to solve the problem, call us. We’re the plumbing specialists with the expertise to get the job done right the first time.

Signs of a Problem Toilet

It’s usually easy to tell when there’s a problem with your toilet. Here are some common signs:

When Should You Call a Plumber?

As a general rule, if your toilet problem isn’t solved by plunging, or you’re unable to determine the source of the problem, it’s time to call a plumber. You may know what the problem is, but you’re just not comfortable trying to make a toilet repair. If so, call an expert for help.

How Do We Detect and Fix Toilet Problems?

When it comes to toilets, the best way to detect problems is to give the fixture a thorough visual inspection. This involves flushing the toilet to see how it behaves during and after the flush. Next, we check the lid, bowl, and other porcelain components for cracks. We also check the floor for signs of leaks and inspect components inside the tank for signs of wear and tear. The solution may be as simple as using a toilet auger to shift a stubborn clog, replacing a worn flush valve, or adjusting the ballcock and water tube so that the tank fills to the right level. These are all simple fixes that can be completed quickly and inexpensively. Sometimes it may get a little more complicated. The most common example is where the problems are more serious, such as a blocked or leaking drain or sewer line. In these cases, the toilet malfunction is a symptom rather than the cause of the problem.